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West coast components Inc


There are millions of items in our own stocking now.Please contact us with your question or Purchase order. Our profesional team will support you with the best service.


The verification of incoming electronic components starts with a visual inspection of all of the packaging. Some of the signs our inspectors look for are.

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Manufactured by Xilinx, Altera, Texas, Micron, AD, Murata, TDK, AVX etc.All our source directly from Mft. and from franchised distributors and qualified OEM vendors.


More than ever, organizations understand that their purchasing power and procurement practices can positively impact the way products are designed.

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West coast components Inc

Founded in 2020, West coast components Inc is one of the largest independent stocking distributors of electronic components and global procurement services, providing comprehensive supply chain solutions to OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide.

We have many manufacturer lines allowing us to carry a wide range of products. Between our manufacturers we offer Integrated circuit, batteries, connectors and terminal blocks, capacitors and resistors, displays, fans, hardware, socket, terminals, pins, power cords, wire and cable, and much more. we look forward to providing our customers with the best service. Please Contact Us with any questions about products.

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